Aloha Parents/Guardians,

We start tomorrow with KBA online and I really feel that we are ready. The teachers have been working hard and the students have been online asking questions and communicating.

Some general principles for online learning for your students:

1. Make it a routine every day. Take a bath/shower, eat breakfast, brush teeth, dress up, etc.

2. Find a quiet place to focus, eliminate distractions, limit social media. Use headphones if you have them.

3. Plan your day, manage time carefully, take notes like in class. Take breaks. Stay healthy.

4. Use online resources, communicate with teachers. Ask teachers/classmates questions. Post in classroom, send email, reply to questions. Be organized.

5. Submit homework/seatwork on time.

6. Be on time for online meetings, prepare 15 minutes early so computer can come on and load and Google Meet can connect to the right meeting. Plan for the technical glitches.

Any technical issues, logon issues, access issues call 808.233.2900 or email or

Mahalo! God bless! Ed Habal



Online Education for the most part is Asynchronous. The way it works is students will have assignments, videos, lessons, reading to do, and work to turn in. There will be live meetings especially for the Elementary, but even for them a lot of it will be work at your own schedule.

Google Classroom is the organization for the whole system. That is why we have been working very hard to make sure everyone has the access that they need, and that they are in the right classes.


1. Internet Access — faster the better
2. Computer for typing papers
3. Laptop or Cell phone for live meetings
4. 7-12th signed in Homeroom class for general guidance
5. Google Classroom and Google Meet Apps loaded on cell phones
6. Students checking email for instructions
7. Chrome as preferred browser
8. Parents/Guardians check your email often
9. Make sure student can logon and watch videos on

We are praying you and your family are keeping safe and healthy.

God bless…Ed Habal




Many 7-12th have not signed into their homeroom yet.

Please give them this code:

Junior High (7-8): pyynmfu

Senior High (9-12): qo6kwk2

Thanks! Ed Habal



Aloha KBA Families,

We are hoping you all are staying healthy and that you are all safe. It has been a busy time getting everything ready for online school next week. I fully believe we will be ready and have all the tools to train online.

We will be taking it slow the first week making sure everyone has the access and the knowledge needed to connect online with their teachers. I encourage you to log on with your students to start exploring Google Classroom. The teachers have already been connecting with their students in the classrooms. We are testing the tools that we have to ensure everything works when we go live on Monday, March 30, 2020. There are only a few more families that need to test, we are almost at 100%.

Please continue to go to for announcements and information. Google Classroom intro here: please watch with your kids.

If there is someone else that needs these updates, please provide email to me and I will add them to our list.

If you don’t attend services anywhere please watch us online Sundays and Wednesdays at:

Mahalo! God Bless!

Ed Habal

3/24/2020 — Parents! Watch this intro to Google Classroom:

3/24/2020 — Kami instructions:  Kami plugin allows editing of PDF files.

3/24/2020 — Thanks for all that picked up their student’s books and cleaned out lockers yesterday!

3/23/2020 — State lockdown order: State Lockdown

3/23/2020 — City and County lockdown order: City Lockdown

3/21/2020 — If you are not getting emails from us please email

3/21/2020 — If public school re opens campuses on April 7, we will also

3/21/2020 — 7th thru 12th grade please clean out your lockers

3/20/2020 — message from Pastor Woodfin


Online instruction will begin on March 30, 2020. We are putting in place online instruction to include video streaming, please test your devices and optimally have one device per student. This will prevent conflicts between different instruction/videos for different grades/classes.

Your system will need audio and possibly a microphone. Most cell phones or laptops will work fine for viewing videos and live meetings. If you are purchasing a system, my suggestion is to get a Chromebook that you can get for under $200. Any PC/MAC/Linux system will work fine with internet access for most other work.

Google Classroom

  1. Google classroom is our main Learning Management System. Go to this link:
  2. Here are all the GoogleCodes.
  3. Some Google Classroom Tips.
  4. All students should have a Gmail account for the Academy. If you don’t know what it is please contact us here:
  5. Streaming video thru Abeka instructions:
  6. We will be providing all students with an Abeka account for streaming this coming week. Log on to Abeka streaming here:
  7. For Android phones, download the apps for Google Classroom and Google Hangouts in Google Play
  8. For Apple products, download the apps for Google Classroom and Google Hangouts in the App Store
  9. Call 808.233.2900 for help during normal school hours to reset passwords or